Estate agents’ cash will help fund QA cancer support centre

Portsmouth estate agent Colin Shairp has made his first quarterly donation to Macmillan Cancer Support – sufficient to run the charity’s advisory and support centre at Queen Alexandra hospital for a day.


The charity was adopted by Colin’s Fine and Country Southern Hampshire and Town and Country Southern agencies, based in Drayton, in memory of the father of staff member Sarah Banks.

Sarah is the youngest child of Robin Mitchell, who was well known in the Portsmouth area as chauffeur to the Lord Mayor for 10 years before he passed away in January last year. He had previously enjoyed a long career in the Royal Navy, including serving on the Royal Yacht for a decade.

“We have a history of fundraising at my agencies,” says Colin. “After Sarah’s Dad passed away we thought it would be good to help Macmillan, a charity that enjoys a high profile but which does a huge amount of hard work supporting cancer victims and their families.

“We know that Sarah, her Mum Winifred, and her two older brothers had a great deal of support from Macmillan so it is a cause very close to our hearts, too.

“Sarah has become an important part of the team and now manages our lettings agency as well as handling property sales. We all felt for her when Robin was taken ill and want to do something to support a cause that was so important to her family at a distressing time.

“We make a donation for every property we are instructed to sell, whether or not that progresses to a successful sale. With a strong presence in the southern Hampshire property market we will raise a significant contribution to the charity’s funds.

Our first cheque, for more than £600, will fund the running of the QA centre for a day – with a bit more to finance part of the next day, too!

“Macmillan’s most successful slogan is ‘No-one should face cancer alone’ and the experience of Sarah’s family shows how true this is.”

Katie Blake, area fundraising manager for Macmillan Cancer Support added: “Thank you so much to Colin and his team for stepping up to help Macmillan. One in three of us will get cancer at some stage in our lives – we are all affected in some way. It’s great to have South Hampshire estate agents leading the way to raise money for people living with cancer in Hampshire.”


Caption: Sarah Banks (second left), Colin Shairp (fourth right) and the rest of the Fine and Country Southern Hampshire estate agency team who have adopted Macmillan Cancer Support for their fundraising.

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